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Believing In Natural Chemistry

Throughout the years I have loved being the, "Match Maker". It seemed like I had a knack for it. Noticing the mannerisms of people and how they interacted made match making with friends and associates fun! Blessed be, some of those matches have persevered over time and now have lovely families!


As fate should have it, 15 years ago I found myself going through a divorce and becoming one of cupids casualties. My marriage had fallen part largely due to infidelities and snap, I was a single mom of three. My dreams were shattered. I felt lost and alone. To add injury to insult, shortly after the separation my children and I were in a car accident. While working hard at healing and trying to understand life and it's turn of events, I believed I was broken and I felt completely useless an undesirable. 

The biggest rage at the time was online dating and so I entered into what seemed like an unnatural and scary world. After all my personal and reflective information was published online, not an easy thing to do, I dove into the abyss of profiles. Some real people, some not. Some honest people, some not. After a while, I did meet some wonderful people, and again some not. I don't believe in just giving up, but as friends and others shared their concerns and online dating experiences, I concluded that nature and instincts should be allowed to prevail. Meeting people in person was what was needed.

Finding a partner for any part of your life is one of the most intimate things you will do! Everything should matter, because YOU matter.

I have dedicated myself to helping people recognize their own strengths and desires. To work through their life situations and blockages that may hold them back, or to be a supportive body as they move forward. Through Race 4 Romance, I create opportunities for singles to meet and find partners. By using their natural instincts and senses they can recognize and have strong and healthy relationships.


I totally love being able to assist busy professionals that already know they want to meet people in person and that a speed dating event can keep things moving along in a fast, fun and stress free way!

Ruth Romance
Founder, Personal Coach, Matchmaker & Dating Specialist

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