My fiance and I met through Ruth.

We are now married and have a wonderful family!

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Thank You For Crazy Ideas!

I am entering the dating world after 20 years and it is not like I remembered. Without disclosing the trials of online dating, I am quickly learning that the digital pond may not be the best way to find the type of woman I’m looking for. Not that I think I am exceptionally picky.


After expressing displeasure about my situation to a buddy of mine, he mentions that he saw an ad recently for Speed Dating and thought it would be perfect for me. Being a straight shooter, I ask the inevitable question. “Would you do it?”

“Hell no!” was his unfiltered response. 

My thoughts exactly. Like most men I want to believe I am a bit above average. By this I mean that I actively take care of myself, I’m close to my kids, educated, have a great job and I am doing well. For the most part I tackle life head on and am comfortable in my own skin. But, I’m going to say it… Women can be scary! Facing one woman at a time is venturesome enough. Why would you speed date to have a first date with twenty women in one night?

When it comes to dating, women hold most of the cards and you never really know what they are thinking. As a man I will admit that going on a first date can take some courage. For some men, more courage than a job interview, facing your boss, talking to the ex-wife or even the Prime Minister. We can get nervous too. Our minds are alert for proper things to say, possible signs of rejection, and things like ... Can she see my bald spot? Will I screw it up? Is she as cool as she looks? Am I reading her signals correctly? What will make her laugh again? Will I perform the way she wants? ..

In the end I became ever rational. Hours, too many, have already been wasted in the online world and the satisfaction rate was less than outstanding. I called Race 4 Romance, the speed dating company, with my concerns and Ruth coached through them. “Everyone gets nervous and I tell all of my clients the same thing. There is no time to be nervous! Speed dating is about introductions, finding your mutual matches, removing the aspect of rejection, and keeping everything perfectly timed to keep you from getting in your own way!”

I admitted that the concept seemed a better alternative to what I had been experiencing and I went for it. Twice! Having made a couple of new friends and finding a great girlfriend, I would like to say thank you to my buddy for the crazy idea and Ruth Romance for the opportunities that Race 4 Romance created. 




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