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The mission at Race 4 Romance is to unite local singles through fun events where authentic connections are made and natural chemistry can be established!

Services & Events

Singles Events

You may or may not be ready to fully commit to dating yet. However, practicing your conversation and flirting skills may be exactly what you need!

Uniting through a variety of social events, and enjoying the company of others who have similar interests, is a great way break the ice. Simply come out and enjoy yourself by sharing experiences with new friends and no pressure!

Keeping social distancing and your safety at the most importance, our events will be held in spacious environments with appropriate numbers and health precautions.

We can't wait to share the fun during our Singles Socials!

Speed Dating

Speed dating with Race 4 Romance, gives you the experience of a series of mini dates where you will have the opportunity to be introduced to other local singles.

Without the time to overthink, each date becomes more natural and honest as you learn the basics about one another. At the end of each date you will a private opportunity to confirm / deny additional meetings. This keeps the experience stress free, fun, and purposeful.

For your fun and safety, during the pandemic, we will offer the same great services by hosting speed dating online!


You will receive your own personal link and will not need to download an app or even create a profile!


YOU are important, and assisting you on your journey to find that special someone is important!


Ruth Romance, is a positive and natural matchmaker. Through confidential conversation, Ruth will gather information and invest time in getting to know you and what you are looking for.

This time and information is what is used to help match you with your special someone.

Moving forward with a solid impression of you and keeping in mind your desires, Ruth strives to match you with compatible clients of complimentary interests, behaviors, lifestyles and outlooks.


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Coaching& On Line Services

Personal Coaching & Dating Strategies


Race 4 Romance is here to help you in positive and informative ways that are relevant to you moving forward on your journey to finding love.

Through personal conversations, techniques and added insight, we will work at your pace to get you ready for finding your desired match!

Ruth Romance helps you to transition through this period by tailoring a program especially for you.

Reserve some time for YOURSELF today!

Group Seminars 
& Workshops



There is approximately 2.3 million single people in the Ontario.

Like yourself, many singles are trying to find that special someone to connect with. Locating potential suitable partners can be challenging. Now figure out how to get their attention and effectively communicate with them ....  

Let Race 4 Romance help you.

Race 4 Romance teaches new ways to approach situations, and identify the challenges and opportunities! 

On-Line Profile Preview


Are you still out there giving your best and only attracting the wrong type of people? Have you tried online dating dating and just given up?


Let Race 4 Romance help you attract the type of person and relationship that you are actually looking for!

What you say, how you say it, and even your profile pictures say a lot about you. BUT, does it leave the impression you thought it would?

Online dating has its place, especially today. Ruth Romance has the skills to help you express yourself in a way that will help you attract the person you are looking for. 

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