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Welcome to Race for Romance. This is the home of new opportunities, fun introductions, and wonderful ways to meet local singles through a variety of IN PERSON events and services!

Are you ready for change? Ready to stop swiping, stop profile surfing, and to stop meeting the wrong people?

Are you ready to start having authentic relationships? 

Race 4 Romance is not an online platform. The services offered are based on the opinion that meeting in person is the best and most authentic practice. It shows that you care enough to make the effort and investment in both yourself and your potential partner. It also gives you the best opportunity to observe, use your own unimpeded senses, and to determine if there is the interest to meet again. Using this theory, Race 4 Romance is here to help you experience stronger and healthier relationships. 

When participating in Race 4 Romance services or events, you are personally increasing your odds of meeting and learning about potential partners in casual environments with no pressure or stress. You will be introduced to other local singles that share similar interests, values, and the goal of realistically finding their special someone. 


Race 4 Romance is very excited to meet and share new experiences with you!

Race 4 Romance is where connections are made & hearts start racing!

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Proud to be uniting singles in authentic relationships from Niagara throughout the greater Hamilton area.

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